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Nakshatras- Bharani

The Elephant
Bharani, means “The Bearing Star”, also known as “The Star of Restraint”. Bharani is ruled by Yama, the God of Death. This is the second nakshatra of the zodiac, ranging from 13°-20′ to 26°-40′. The planet of art and beauty, the Venus, rules this nakshatra.The energy of Bharani is called ugra or krura, which translates as harsh, powerful, hot, formidable and fierce.
This star is under the planetary lordship of Venus and is within the sign of Aries, ruled by Mars. The star Bharani represents the character of Agni Rasi Tamo Guna. The etymological meaning of Bharani is “what deserves to be cultivated and preserved” that is dependence, servitors, retainers or anything by which living is earned. Bharani’s animal symbol is the Elephant.This star is connected with the energies we expend to maintain ourselves in the material world.
Bharani Nakshatra takes away that which has reached its term of life to a new condition. It shows the movement of the soul away from the body. It conveys ideas pertaining to discipline, self-control to be faithful, be firm, enduring supporting, maintaining, nourishing, etc. In case of strong malefic influences , persons may develop extreme tendencies like crimes, murders, terrorism, etc.
If a person is born in this Nakshatra, he is cruel, ungrateful and no sense of indebtness, achieves notoriety, fears water, is restless and wicked.They are stable, knowledgeable and truthful. Bharni born are honest and they are frank in their opinions and do not want to modify their opinions to please others. An interesting feature of those born in Bharni is that they are quiet fond of spreading rumors.
Females born in this nakshatra are career minded. They act more like a leader of a group, rather than an ordinary family member. Bharani- born have agnetic personality, changing moods, business minded, influential, high position.

Bharani “the bearer of new life” 13.20 to 26.40 Aries Symbol yoni, the female organ for reproduction Deity Yama, god of death, or Dharma Stars A binary star in the left foot of Andromenda, Almach gives honor and artistic ability.
Menkar, placed in the jaw of the whale indicates disgrace, trouble with legacies, and dishonor.

Mythology This part of the sky was called Apabharani, which means “the waters that carry things away”. This refers to all the souls that will transit here when they die. Yama is like Pluto and leads the dead to the other world. Yama was the first man sent to earth and the first man to die Indications Considered the “star of restraint,” this is a difficult nakshatra. It denotes struggles and obstacles that result in personal breakthroughs. It is symbolic of the birthing process where one has grown out of the present conditions and must go through the pain of a new birth to create a new life. It is about personal transformation. Since Yama was the first to come to earth, and the first to die, they may be the first to try or do things. Social reformers, activists and philosophers are prominent here. There is a tendency towards jealousy or being plagued by the jealousy of others. Because the womb is so confining, in the end there is a feeling of restriction or confinement for these individuals. They feel oppressed by others, large groups and restrictive laws imposed by the government. It can also refer to those who inflict oppression on others. Here is the mystery of life and death. They may be attracted to a position such as an OBGYN physician or a mortician. They can be fanatical and intolerant of others who have different opinions. They are excessive and indulgent sexually. Their inner struggles can become a spiritual transformation leading to enlightenment.


Translation: The Bearer
Deity: Yama
You are of medium build with well-set teeth. You are intelligent, with a quick mind and ready wit, and are mentally quite flexible. You are spontaneous and optimistic, and drawn to the unknown. You are very courageous and never shy away from a fight, especially if you think it is for the right cause. Many of you will be blessed with a long life. Your Nakshatra is that of the ‘The Bearer’, one who is burdened. This often makes you bitter and selfish, as you feel encumbered by responsibility. You dislike being controlled and manipulated though quite often your own behaviour can be childlike.

Some of you are very creative, especially in the visual arts, and may try your hand at painting and photography.

Careers that will suit you are: Military, Chemical industry, medicine, agriculture. You may have problems in romance and may be misunderstood by your partner. You are a connoisseur and fond of good things in life and prone to putting on weight. Obesity and skin diseases could plague many of you.


Bharani nakshatra
Bharani nakshatra (Arietis or a Muscae) Devata Yama. Lord Venus. It extends from 13:20 to 26:40. Symbol: Orifice of the womb (oss-mouth). It is possible to have an idea of the nature of Bharani Nakshatra from the nature of Yama.
Yama purity, cleanliness, justice and integrity. The sense of restraint is also Yama’s gift; he is the lord of Dharma, a stern disciplinarian, a ruthless expositor of truth, and a refuge for kings and law-abiding subjects. We should not always confine his interpretation to his being only the lord of death; he is the great judicature, the ultimate dispenser of reward and punishment. The story of Yama-Nachiketa is a particularly exposition of the hospitality of Yama, his sense of dharma and knowledge of it, his superb honesty and great integrity and other divine virtues. The Nakshatra of which he is the devata (God) is also in consequence the giver of whatever is good, pure, truthful and honest.
The etymological meaning of Bharani is what deserves to be cultivated and preserved that is dependence, servitors, retainers or anything by which living is earned, for example salary.
If you are born in the Bharani star you are likely to incur the displeasure of others; they are enjoyers, obedient and learned; they fear water and get the wealth of bad people. They know the scriptures, rationale, intelligent and win the quarrels. They bear scars on their body due to injuries. They are good speakers and suffer from heart diseases. They are stable, knowledgeable and truthful. They are long lived. They are also determined, and proud, they do not tolerate others’ prosperity.

Male Natives

1. Physical features : He is of medium size, with less hair, large forehead, bright eyes, beautiful teeth. His complexion will be ruddy and fairly long neck and face. It has been found that if birth takes place during mid-day, the native is very tall. His head will be broad at the temples and narrow at the chin. Bushy eye brows

2. Character and general events : Bharani born is not generally liked by all, in spite of the fact that he is pure hearted and does not like to harm anybody. When he wants to express his opinion in any matter he is just not bothered about the sentiments of others. He will not like to get anything for himself by buttering. Come what may, he is not ready to work against his consciousness whether he is according to others, right or wrong. Due to this attitude he has to face a lot of resistance and failures. He won’t hesitate to spoil the relationship even with near and dear ones on small matters. But when he is convinced of his fault, when the opponent comes forward with folded hands, he will completely forget their enmity and start reciprocating sincerely

Tactful behavior is alien to him. He is far away from the state of obedience. Arrogance quite often leads him to miseries. Subordination is equal to death for him. When he was to bow to others, he becomes pensive. Advice and encouragement have no room in his mind

He will generally be having a good all-round knowledge. He has the capacity to go deep into any matter. Even though Bharani born will shine well in public life, he tends to face criticism and loss of wealth

He likes to command others and will always be eager to establish supremacy. He cannot march forward without hurdles and will have to face stiff competition, and in the run he quite often faces failures. For others, he may appear to be arrogant, but the truth is that he is pure hearted. His life is full of ups and downs

It is advisable that Bharani born should not involve in unnecessary arguments or competition. He will fight for certain principles which will ultimately lead him into trouble. He is fond of spreading rumors and wasting time by humors. As already mentioned above his life is full of ups and downs, there will not be any good or bad periods for long time. In short, ha has to face a life of mixture of good and bad always. He is quite capable of looking after others but he needs some one to look after him. Ultimately his beneficiary and friends turn against him. He cannot establish permanent relationship with anyone

3. Education, sources of earnings / profession : There is never a permanent good or bad time. After his 33 years of age there will be a positive change in his surroundings, in his life, and in his livelihood. He is fit for any type of work, particularly in administrative job, business, sports, music, art advertisement, automobile or restaurants. He can also be a good surgeon or a judge. He can be successful in the business of tobacco items or cultivation of tobacco. He will attain success in all undertakings provided he establishes or starts any activity by proceeding to the Eastern direction first and also if possible the place of activity or business may also be in the eastern side or eastern direction from his house

4. Family life : Marriage comes around 27 years of age. They are fortunate in conjugal bliss. His companion will be expert in household administration and well behaved. He will cause the death of his father if birth is in the 1st or 2nd quarter of Bharani Nakshatra. His wife must save money for a rainy day, as he make some impulsive purchases, whether there is money left for other purposes or not. He loves his family. He dislikes to be away from his family members even for a day

5. Health : While he does not take care of his health, there won’t be any serious health problems. Main possible diseases are dental problem, diabetes and severe body pain, affections of brain, high fever, apoplexy, ring worms and malaria. Normally he is a very poor eater. He believes in the principle of ‘eating to live and living to eat’. He is afraid of water and as is the thought, he should be careful while traveling through water, taking bath in rivers, oceans and ponds. Injury in the forehead and just around the eyes. Since he is a chain smoker he has to be careful about his lung

Female Natives

1.Physical features: She will have a very beautiful figure. White teeth but not in proper arrangement

2. Character and general events: She will possess a clean, admirable and modest character. She respects her parents and elderly persons, but she does not relish suggestions from others and acts according to her own sweet will. She is bold and impulsive and over optimistic

3.Education, sources of earning/ profession: She earns her own livelihood. She will be successful as a receptionist, guide or sales woman. She will not wait for opportunities to come but will go out and create opportunity to fulfill her desires. She may earn through sports activities

4. Family Life: Marriage comes around her 23rd years of age. She will have an upper hand in all matters and she will behave like a commander. While she will enjoy full confidence, love and satisfaction from her husband, she is quite often troubled by her in-laws. She always speaks high of her own family. She will obey only such a man whom she can admire. In case she marries a simple man, who is lowly placed in life, she will over power her husband in all walks of life. As Bharani born females are a little aggressive, married partner should have patience and deal with them tactfully for avoiding daily friction in life

5. Health: Her health will be good. She will have frequent menstrual problems, uterus disorders, anemia and in some cases tuberculosis has also been noticed.


“To bear”
13°20 – 26°40 Aries
Deity: Yama, the god of death
Symbol: vagina
Shakti: power to take things away (apabharani shakti)
Basis Above: removal of life from the body
Basis Below: carry the soul to the realm of the ancestors
Result: Moving on to the next world

Bharani people are obsessed with death and/or transformation. Their power lies in taking things away. As long as the things taken away are negative or counterproductive, then the Bharani person works in line with the universe. For example, if one has a brain tumor, a Bharani surgeon will effectively be able to take it away. Garbage needs to be taken away. Psychologically, negative attitudes and self-defeating habits need to be taken away so that the person can better themselves. The vagina, as the symbol of Bharani, takes away the semen to produce another life, it takes away the vital essence of one being to create another. It also rips the fetus away from its contemplative, peaceful womb atmosphere and thrusts it into the noisy world. As a side note, Jim Morrison had his Moon in Bharani. Did you see the movie, “The Doors”? Throughout the entire movie, he spoke about and was obsessed with the subject of death. Many of his songs were about death.


•    Ruled by Venus. 13’20” to 26’40″( 13’20” to 26’402 Aries).
•    The quarters are ruled by Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars.
•    The Motivation is Artha.
•    Female Elephant.
•    Symbol – Yoni
•    Deity – Yama
•    Dosha – Pitta
•    Rasi – Mesham (Padams 1,2,3,4)


One born under Bharani is truthful, strong willed & deteminations , forthright, harsh in manners and speech.They have proud and happy disposition. Mostly free from ill health but may be deficient in some limb/part of the body.These people relish non-vegetarian food. Not very successful in academic accomplishment. Usually affraid of the water. In case of strong malefic influences , persons may develop extreme tendencies like crimes, murders, terrorism etc.

Bharani is the 2nd nakshatra in the constellation of 27
nakshatras. Venus is the lord of this nakshatra. The natives of
Bharani love to live a comfortable life. Naturally they are fond
of partying and indulging in luxurious ways of enjoying their
They are beautiful people with attractive personalities. People are influenced by their poised and caring approach. They give prime importance to love. The natives of Bharani form special relationships with opposite sex. They are evergreen lovers.
Bharani is a bright and active nakshatra. As a result the
natives of Bharani are energetic and have multiple interests in
several things. They are fond of music, dancing, painting and
other fine arts. These people are daring and rigid depending
upon the occasion. They are sincere towards their liabilities.
Though they try to stay away from conflicts, if ever dragged
they try to settle down a dispute peacefully. They are
intelligent individuals who solve big incidents with their
Natives of Bharani live a luxurious and king sized life. Their
main concern is to gather luxurious things and provide comfort
to their family. They purchase new things often in order to
possess latest luxury from the market. The natives are very
conscious about their health and keep their surroundings neat
and clean. They have a poetic soul and sensitive nature. They
are healers and positive people. They never pretend.
A special trait of their character is that they cannot survive
under domination. They have their own principles and don’t let
an ear for advice and suggestion from their relatives even.
They are majestic and impulsive in taking decisions. These
aspects of their character are not always liked by other people,
in spite of having a pure heart.
People born under Bharani nakshatra are friendly and loyal to
their close ones. They seek logic in everything and for this
nature they are criticized by people. They are blessed with
wise and beautiful wife. They become famous in the society.

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